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This year, organized crime became the most frequently seen threat actor for Web App Attacks. 2015 DBIR

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What If All Your Security Solutions Were Connected?

Introducing Integrated Threat Response From AnchorPoint Security

An alternative to stand-alone technologies is to deploy a solution that integrates several technologies into a single service, is managed by a single point of contact, and is monitored from a top-tier Security Operations Center (SOC).  The AnchorPoint Integrated Threat Response (ITR) service provides the critical security capabilities every organization needs to be truly secure and accelerate compliance in three deployment options: Physical Appliance, Virtual Appliance, or in the Cloud.

How ITR Works

Our all-inclusive ITR service combines three critical components in a 1-2 hour deployment to detect the latest threats targeting your network - Sensors, Servers, and Loggers. The AnchorPoint SOC delivers five essential security functions, giving you complete security visibility - Asset Discovery, Threat Detection, Vulnerability Assessment, Behavioral Monitoring, and Security Intelligence. AnchorPoint delivers expert threat intelligence on emerging threats and how to respond. Global threat data helps our SOC Analysts identify malicious hosts communicating with your systems.  All this is wrapped in a clean dashboard, reports, alerts, and backed by a team of trained security experts ready to help you defend your business.



We Help Banks and Credit Unions With Security

Our Integrated Threat Response (ITR) customers get professional support to demonstrate compliance with PCI, SEC, FINRA, GLBA, SOX, and other regulatory requirements. Request Free Quote


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To most effectively manage vulnerabilities, you need to think like the attacker: how would you go about doing damage, exfiltrating valuable information and making money? What are the key assets in your network that you would target? How would you get to these assets? This white paper explores:

  • The changing threat landscape
  • How to prioritize vulnerabilities based on the likelihood of exploitation by an attacker
  • How to develop a risk management process
  • Achieving better visibility into vulnerabilities in real time
  • Remediation tactics to fix vulnerabilities in your environment

Drawing on years of training and experience, our security experts give you the attacker's inside perspective so that you can better defend your organization.


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